Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 52 week challenge - I made it!

I finished the socks I was knitting for my March project in the 52 week challenge!!
03.28.09 011

03.28.09 012

03.28.09 013

The lighter colored yarn is so hard to photograph - the colors just don't want to show up with the contrasting dark yarn. But, here's a pic of how much yarn I had leftover. I used 1 full skein of Maizy in Bittersweet, plus started into a second skein. And as you can see, I used almost one full skein of Maizy in Meadow Mist:
03.28.09 014

Pattern: harika - from Twist Collective
yarn: Maizy in Meadow Mist and Bittersweet
Needles: US 1 DPNs (and circulars to knit the cuff of each)
Cast on: 2/14/09
Finished: 3/28/09
ETA: estimated yardage: 410 yards

Only modification was to do more rapid decreases on the toes because the feet were too long following the pattern as written. But, other than that, I followed the pattern exactly and the socks fit great and are really comfy!!

Now, THAT was a challenging pattern. On to something a bit easier for April!! :-)


VeganCraftastic said...

Absoluteley gorgeous!

kadezmom said...

It may have been challenging, but the finished project was worth the effort, ( in my opinion!)

peacockmom said...

I'm awestruck, gobsmacked, amazed, and at a loss of words other than gorgeous and stupendous for such an impressive pair of socks. WOW!

Brenda said...

Wow, those are wonderful. Did you keep them for yourself after all that work?

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Truly Amazing Maizys!

Congratulations on a super project.


Cathy said...

You bet I'm keeping them for myself! :-) Thanks for all the kind comments; I'm really happy with how they turned out! It really was a fun project and I actually think I would knit this pattern again someday.

mtannie said...

Wow! Gorgeous. That is a pattern to aspire to!

mtannie said...

I just saw these on Ravelry using a multicolored yarn for the "scrollwork", and while they are very nice, I like yours better. Using a single color yarn for the "scrollwork" really makes the design pop!