Sunday, May 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge

It has been a loooong month between driver's ed and baseball games 3x a week with my oldest and track meets for my youngest. It finally hit the fan last Sunday when my oldest (15 1/2) ended up in the hospital overnight on IV's from dehydration due to a nasty bug he caught. While we were able to bring him home the next day, his hands are still a little numb (we were told it should resolve itself...), and his liver enzymes are high and we don't yet know why. Back for more bloodwork next Friday.
I did get my knitting done, nothing exciting, more felted items, the pink hat and mittens are for a friend in the nursing home, the green mittens might go to my hubby, not sure if they really are big enough. Total yardage = 675yds (hat = 190, green mittens = 275, pink mittens = 210).


adrienne said...

oh, your poor son! you poor you! hope everything turns out ok.

your friend should love the hat and mitts. so cute.

peacockmom said...

Beautiful hat and mittens. Makes me want to make some, too.

Hoping your son is better soon and the bloodwork results are good ones. It is about time for all of you to begin enjoying the summer up there.