Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update - 52 week KAL - Anything goes KAL - maz

Last week I have been very busy. I had pain and had to stay at home completely. So I tried to work my pain away. Here are my projects so far:

The green socks actually are emerald green, a stunning colour I achieved for the first time. Now I have to learn how to manipulate my digi to show the right colour. A neverending story.

Here is another Maggie bag coming, without straps yet and before fulling, hence a progress pic.

Then there are my His-Socks. It is a very delicate yarn of silk, bamboo and merino, which he should not wear as hiking socks. But my dear husband was so constantly murmuring how nice indeed the herringbone socks were and so truly unisex a pattern....

I simply had to do a variation for him. Here are my Hers-socks, which some might remember from last years´ TdF-KAL.

And then there is Mrs.Esther Nurse from Sheringham´s pattern which I had to do for a basic summer top to be worn over a shirt, made from sheer bamboo. It was a terrible yarn for knitting as it glides faster than a bamboo needle could stop it. But it might be what I wanted: something to wear when it is hot, covering all the curves I want to be hidden.

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peacockmom said...

I hope your pain is over and you are better very soon. It is amazing to see what you have made while working through it. Lovely projects and I especially like the blue socks and the new emerald green ones. Beautiful!