Monday, June 1, 2009

anything goes!

one of my sons requested slipper socks instead of my standard fiber trend felted clogs; so i made him a pair out of lopi. then my hubby decided that he would like a pair too. so i decided to make them out of some paton's chunky -hoping that the acrylic will not wear out as fast as the wool. i really hold little hope for my son's slipper soxs, even with the spray on plastic dip coating on the bottoms. these may have a chance.

the pattern is knit flat and then sewn together. i hate sewing things together but did that for the first pair just so i could see the construction. this pair, i am playing with the pattern and am trying to knit it in the round. i think i will be compromising on this in the future and will knit the cuff in the round and then complete the rest of the sox knitting back and forth. i don't like purling either. :oP haven't deciding whether i dislike purling or sewing more.

i have been working away on the mate for my waterlilies sock since last week. got to the end of the toe and took my progress shot. hey, i was on a roll!

cascade handpaints



mtannie said...

Wow, Adrienne, those socks are gorgeous!

peacockmom said...

Love these socks! You really ARE on a roll. Don't stop whatever is giving you such great creativity.
Lovely pattern and great yarn. I need to make some of these for sure. :)