Tuesday, June 2, 2009

52-week for June plus (dead and back to life here!)

I am so dead in SWIV. But, I made one "Air Raid" sock attack before my demise. I am so glad to be back. I learned so much. Mostly how important gauge is. You all taught me well here and on sockathon. My assasin used sport weight instead of fingering (misfire) then never swatched and the new ones were too small. But, my daughter Katie is loving them! I am tempted to rip out the toe and make them fit her more but she won't give them up. (And a Valkarie is sending a pair to me today that I wil love and that will fit.) My target loved hers and I had fun which is what matters. And I see it as two for one! My obituary to follow. Made some new friends too. Now, I can knit for me (maybe the pair Adrienne just made hint, hint..... just kidding, NOT!) LOVE that pair.
Another traveling scarf and finally a first pair of socks for me! It is definately going to be a mini mochi pair. I picked the Barcelona pattern by Helen Waittes on the sockwars.org site for June. Not sure who gets them yet.
Happy knitting,
P.S. How is the book coming? Stay calm, breathe wonderful designers (and especially Laura too!)


adrienne said...

actually, the designers are all done and we are kickin' back! it's all work for laura and her team of editors! you know that saying about "no rest for the wicked!"

...only kidding, laura! ;o) LOL!

jdhforjc said...

Oh so, kind of like me for sock wars. Now what to knit now that I am free?!