Sunday, August 2, 2009

tdf kal (and anything went)

The lace was inspired by the geometric design of the Brazillian flag. A 3-stitch lace pattern evolves into a diamond with a circle in the middle. The socks were knit toe up with an after-thought split-toe. About 302yds of Panda Silk, color bamboo green, dpns US 1.5/2.50mm. I finished them this morning.
What kept me from these socks was finishing up the yellow cardigan. That was finished on July 29th.
Bamboozle in yellow.


peacockmom said...

How tricky of you to make the split toe! Very impressive. :)

The sweater has just moved up to the front of my to do list. I got some more alpaca worsted weight and have been wanting a vest or short sleeved sweater for wearing inside here in the winter. This will be just right! So glad you posted it and I saw it again. I never would have thought of it in alpaca, but the gauge is correct and it will worn a lot.

adrienne said...

socks are wonderful as is the sweater.

i love the "anything went"! LOL! i will use the sweater to give you a july credit for the 52 weeks.