Saturday, January 16, 2010

January project progress

I finished the first pair of socks for my brother and started the next pair(same specs-KP Bare DK and Swish DK on 2.5mm needles) on 1-11,
Ricky's socks pair 2
and finished the second pair on 1-14.
Ricky's socks pair 2 2
The third pair is started but I haven't gotten a picture yet. After 4 pairs of boring socks, I am going to need something interesting!


adrienne said...

i am beginning to think that you are certifiable. no offense. i would be lucky to get one pair done! 4 pairs?! dk or not! yikes!!!

you definitely need some lace! or cables! and i thought my ribbed socks were boring....sigh.

we need to have a "talk" with your brother. any-time, any-where! um, too much "aliens!" couldn't help myself. =)

peacockmom said...

Treat yourself to some fun and make Adrienne's new shawlette pattern: In the Land of Oz. You'll enjoy knitting again. Trust me. :)