Monday, March 1, 2010

February Finish

Here is a scan of the finished Panda Soy socks. The way the color blocks fall in the cuff was really pleasing. Sock count for the month is five and a fraction. There is this pair. There is the sock and a third that was done before the needles broke (now a UFO, sigh). And there is the pair that was started last year, with the second sock knit this month and the one from last year frogged to before the heel (toe up) and reknit. This pair uses a Cat Bordi heel, while the other three were flap construction. Since time was tight, these were finished with the EZ sewn bindoff, while the other three were done with Jen's Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff. That will probably be my new standard ending - it is nice (found in Knitty).

When I feel like fighting with the camera again, I'll replace the scan with a picture of all five socks. Think that is enough socks for a while - next month something different. Let's see, my headband was lost - maybe a hat?

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