Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finished February Project

Here is my finished project for February. This is the Aran Print Eyelet Knit Scarf pattern off the web page. I used three balls of Crystal Palace Aran Print in the Birch Bark color (#2114). About 306 yards and finished size unblocked is 6" by 64". I haven't had time to block it yet but am happy with the result already. The pattern chart is easy to follow and the yarn works up well in the lace pattern. The color is really nice - the different brown tones blend well together. I'll post a better photo once blocked and pretty!

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jdhforjc said...

hey, (over here!)
Love the color. How are your "fish scales" socks going? Did you finish them? Did you weave in the ends on your scarf yet? If it wasn't late I would have done it for you. I hate doing that part on mine but would do it on someone elses!