Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Start

This is the start of a hat, in double knit. It is on a 2.75 mm circular needle, about 16 inches. The yarn is KnitPicks Palette, in Rose Hip and Jay. Not quite the colors that I had in mind, but what was available - because when I ordered replacement needles, there was a clock tam kit on sale which would mean free shipping and . . . Well, you can guess the rest. This yarn got pulled from the kit. 144 stitches of each color, in K2, P2 ribbing.

Cast on is something I'd wanted to try. I tied the two strands together and did a long tail cast on, switching colors every stitch. At first, I physically switched the yarn. Then I figured out how to do the stitch from both sides without physically moving the yarn placement. It gives a nice border and seems stretchy enough.

Learned several things already. Leave a longer tail next time, as it is going to be difficult to weave in the ends. The opposite of a knit stitch on the face is not a purl stitch for the second color. DUH. No, it is not being frogged for this. At least it is good practice for the body of the hat, where there is going to be a pattern.

Main thing I learned is not to show it to husband and tell him it is going to be a hat. He then promptly tried to put it on his head, saying it did not look big enough. Well, a sixteen inch needle does not stretch around a head. When he handed it back to me, he said "It looks like some stitches fell off. Sorry." Boy, was he ever sorry! The final thing I learned is not to try and pick up stitches in a dim Italian restaurant. The next day, at least I got good at tinking double knitting - yes, there is a knack to that also. Hopefully it will never have to be used again. No, I could not live with a flash of orange on the blue side. Again, anyone want a slightly used husband, cheap? This time he could come without the yarn eating cats. Anyone . . .?


kadezmom said...

What a fun new technique to try. I'll have to consider trying it as well! It's looking good so far.

adrienne said...

sorry, deary! you are on your own with hubby!!!! LOL!