Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic are over how sad

I for one love the olympics. I watch every sport I can. Living close to Canada, we get to watch almost every sport as the TV coverage there is wonderful. I heard NBC did not even show all of the closing ceremonies. Shaking my head wondering why not. About the pictures now that the Olympics are over we are back to our normal weather pattern, windy, rainy and cool.

But, here is a my final projects. Mochi Plus Oz shawl. Wanted to see how it looked in a shawl as I had not seen one done yet. This was yarn I won in last years contest. Love how it feels and looks.

Then I played with some different yarns from Crystal Palace. Hats in Bunny Hop, Blanket Buddy in Puffin.

Also...umm remember I love the dil, picked out this type of afghan pattern and colors so a baby blanket. One big granny square. But, she will love it so that is the important part.

Then being this is the first of March. Oh my were did Feb go (oh right Olympics).. Thought I would post a start project. This is a Kit from The knitter.

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Laura said...

you are just sooooooooooo talented!!