Thursday, March 4, 2010

No picture for February project and a big Thank You to L

Hi girls,

I am out of the game now.

Though I did some projects in February I have not been able to take any picture. My camera is out of order and I have to have it repaired.
The dark brown sweater is ready as is a big green bowl for my wool. You will see it as soon as I can take pictures again.

Now the Olympic KAL is over I can´t present a picture of my shawlette (blue and WITH beads, Adrienne!) either.

But then there was a little envelope coming from across the ocean. Thank You, L, for sending this nice surprise! I am very happy with those cute blue and gold markers and will think of you whenever I use them!

Enjoy the KAL! I will stay around to look at your projects and will show what I am knitting as well.


Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats on your sock pattern published in Yarn Forward issue 24!!!

maz said...

Thank You!Have you seen a forecast?

adrienne said...

boohoo, maz! i am sad. :(

do you have a scanner? or a neighbor with a camera?

a shawl with beads?! wah!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for your camera to be fixed.

yes, please continue to post your wonderful projects. who knows, we all may miss a month and you will still be in!

and we still have those surprise drawings throughout the year. and we do have some other kals planned for the rest of the year.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Yep... preview image is here:

maz said...

Now, this is some compliment, Ms.Fong, LOL!!!! How should I put something that suits my wonderbody on a scanner that is size Legal. I MUST tell my husband and will try to describe how he will be looking. This makes my day today.
Sorry, no neighbour, no monster scanner.

Thanks to Bianca, I have been ill now for a while and am not up to date with Ravelry and blogging and with the magazine things. It is so exciting to see it in print. You know the feeling, don´t you?

debi's place said...

OH Maz, just stay with us. You can still post and play.

Or send me your projects I will post pictures of them for you.

maz said...

Debi, do I have your actual size?