Sunday, April 25, 2010

April's Project

April's project is finished. I finished the Rivendell socks, a test knit Amphora socks, and my Raindrop Shawl.
Rivendell socks was knit in Wool Candy Lollipop BFL Sock, colorway is Wagashi. I did do a few mods, I made the leg longer, it was to short for me. They seem to take forever and that is ktb for some reason that stitch takes forever to do. I think it is just remembering to do it.

The Raindrop shawl is knit in Zen Yarn Garden BFL Nylon Sock yarn and the colorway is Grenadine. I loved knitting this it was a challenge but fun. I have to admit I frogged it at least 5 times to the beginning and then started to use a life line every 8 rows and frogged back then about 6 times so it did take me a while but I love how it looks, if you over look the errors. Some of the raindrops are not perfect but it is handmade and I am human.

Now what will next month bring I know I'm going to start another shawl that bug has hit me.
Till next month, Happily knitting Bye.

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