Thursday, April 29, 2010

i almost forgot to post my 200 beans

...on the sox! and there really are 200 beans on these. i actually knit more than 200 but some of them have been eaten by the frogs. don't ask. :(

cool beans
sock madness round 2

and i did make it through round 2 and met my personal goal of finishing one sock before debi finished her pair. yes, my goals are not lofty. ;o)

i didn't even try round 3 as i had a design that needed to be done asap. and i am so glad i am out as round 4 features the dreaded KNEE HIGHS! which i had already said i wasn't gonna knit; no way, no how! so there!

eta: progress photo...socks truly traumatized me. i have already forgotten that i knit the pair inside out! and that the heel was two colored fairisle. i now know why steeking may be the better alternative.


kadezmom said...

You TELL 'em Adrienne!!!! Love the beans...might have to make myself a pair of coffee beans....that and the 1000 other projects I think I "HAVE" to make.

Kate said...

Those are so sweet!

jdhforjc said...

Yeah! Half way done with my first one! I am so slow. But, doing the 50 socks kal too. Love the colors!

jaerrt said...

Those socks are great!!! I love the varigated colours of the beans!

peacockmom said...

Wonderful socks. LOL about having to knit them inside out and seeing all those floating bits when you photographed them. They look great.