Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Beans.

May as well get April over and done with. As others have posted I knitted socks from sock madness. Pattern came out while I was on a beach in Southern Calif. Very Very hard to sit inside and knit when the beach, the waves, the sand, the speedos (yep that one is for you Adrienne) keep calling you outside. So here they are. The Start. Yes, I did colorwork 2 at once. Twisted balls yep.

Here are the finished socks. To the woman on the flight from Calif that complained about me "somehow getting knitting needles on a flight". Worry about the man next to you with the ink pen. I am not wasting my needles on injuring someone. Did not tell her about the other needles in my carry one.
Being I had to pack what I may need before I left, don't think I did to bad on my colors I took.
Oh and did I finished before Miss Froggy?


adrienne said...

told you all that she was nuts! who does colorwork 2 at a time on magic loop!

I HAVE ONE SOCK DONE! i am soooooo proud of myself. =)

debi's place said...

Doing colorwork 2 at a time gets them done.

jardinrouge said...

Really purdy socks!! Really.