Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 12/12/12: Hang on kiddies, this is a long one!

Okay you ready for all the crap I did this month? :)

First I made a Tit Bit out of Naturally Caron spa. I figure it's 40-50 yards or so.

Then I finally dug out the skein of hideous looking Lion Brand Alpine Wool my mom gave me and made a hat (Foliage) out of that, which was promptly gifted to the new product manager at work. I used the entire skein of wool, so that's 93 yards for that project.

Then I dug out some more yarn left over from other projects and knit Gargantuan melon, only I cut it down to 60 stitches. It's done in Lion Brand Chunky and I figure it's 75 yards or so. The pattern has a bigger yardage but I find it hard to believe I used that much.

After that I still had yarn left so I went on to mitts. Except I didn't have enough for the mitts so I had to buy MORE yarn. ::sigh:: Anyway, these are the Susan Mitts and I figure I spent another 75 yards on them, because I made them longer, added more thumb, and used smaller needles.

And last but not least, the Artistic hat, made out of Lion Brand Jiffy and taking a whopping 100 yards at least. I still have some yarn left over, so I'll probably do something to go with it later, I think.

So that leaves us with about 384 yards total of knitted goods this month. And that isn't counting the shawl or scarf I started. Oi. :)


jdhforjc said...

isn't that always the way it goes. Try to get rid of yarn and then you need more to finish the project! Ta-da more yarn!

Calophi said...

Yeah. Well at least I'll have a scarf now to complete the set. :)