Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First my favorite project I have done in a while. Sadly I forgot a progress picture. I really wish I could take a picture to see how beautiful this really is.This is a gift in the asked for yarn. Next time and yes there will be a next time. Found this surfing Rav and have a hard time finding it again. Sadly I forgot a progress picture. I also can not seem to get the link to work.

Then we have another Adrienne pattern

Yes these are loud as the new owner loves color. I did remember a progress picture.

I vote that a picture of a shawl taking a bath is progress. Anyone agree?????? I was lucky to be asked to test knit this. I used 100% alpaca. The shawl is not named at this time.
Next up another gift
I did not pick the colors. I was asked to make this one also.
I do have some empty needles right now. How strange is that.

Happy Holidays....


Angie K said...

I LOVE your Little Bit Country socks! I bought the pattern but haven't made them yet. I guess I need to go dig out some old Regia Mini Ringel...

adrienne said...

you know that if you slowed down those blazing needles of yours, you would have time to take those progress pictures! LOL! and it's not like i don't remind you!

debi's place said...

Funny you gave me earplugs one year...can't hear you.

Progress pic slow ya down.

Kate said...

Wait, you really knit all that this month? You are either an inspiration or really irritating. The ruffly scarf is very pretty.