Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Prime Time KAL

I can believe that I finished this pair of socks in a month. I have been working on too many other projects and had to buckle down to get these done. AND they are for ME and only ME. I don't make to many pairs for just me. So here they are:
Hedera by Cookie A., I used Dream in Color Smooshy in Jungle Cloud. I made them two at a time I don't get them cast on right and had a problem doing it... So I knit the cuff's separate and put them on the needles and knit away. I like how fast they seem to be when knitting them at one time no SSS.
I have also been knitting on hats this month and I didn't want to figure out their yardage to get my 300 yards. But they are quick and fast gratification when you just want to see results real fast and that's what I needed.
Here is a few of my WIP's that I am working on for the next few months: I'm working on a pair of toe up Monkeys in Miss Babs Frog Princess. And my large project is a Pi shawl for Monica's Wedding Veil I'm using Baruffa Cashwool. She picked out 3 different patterns that she like and we are putting all the parts together to make this one veil.

So I have my hand full plus all the other project that I want to do in between. Happily knitting.

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debi's place said...

Gotta get with you soon.

Time you do a ME ME ME project, your so busy with others.

Oh and by the way talking about ME here....I wear an 8, and I like the socks you have started. Call me....