Monday, January 24, 2011

PrimeTime 2011 Jan

Back is done, fronts are done, this is the first sleeve and yet another to be done. It is Jan 24, so hopefully the end of my PrimeTime will not be at the first possible stage. You all could know by now something about my size, a blend of some X and one L. We must not argue if I had 300yds/m to do this cardigan, but as in every year I went through my wardrobe and had to admit some spaces left for sensible garments. IF this reaches the "finished" tag for the PrimeTime 2011 KAL, the project coming for February will definitely be in a smaller range. A woman´s got to do what a woman´s got to do.


adrienne said...

only you would start the year off with such an ambitious project! LOL!! but i have no doubts that you will finish in time.

can't wait to see all the pieces together.

maz said...

so do i.