Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PrimeTime KAL Jan 2011

I've been ripping my hair out as I rip and reknit my Rodekool scarf, so I need to relax with my Stone Cold Moltens. Hope to finish these quickly and have my first ever entry in the Carefree KALs. Rodekool can wait for a less hectic time.
The Panda Wool in Neptune began its life as one of my Muir Woods socks, that is, until I realized I had a skein of old Panda Wool and skein of new Superwash. Dear Susan of CPY came to my rescue with a second ball of Superwash so I could complete that pair.
The Black is Panda Superwash in Jet Black.

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debi's place said...

We will go bald together. I to have put that baby aside and working on other things.