Thursday, January 13, 2011

the post you have been waiting for....

i have lots of winners!!!! names were drawn the old-fashion way (papers in a box and picked out by hand...i sometimes wonder how random the number generator really is!).

New Members + Enablers Drawing
a surprise package of lab dip yarn goes to:

1. glumnmum

2. knitwitz

CPY Closet Cleaning Drawing
a surprise package of lab dip yarn goes to:

1. aj

2. jill

3. carol

4. denise

5. debi

6. maz

7. ikkinlala

8. jennieblue

Grand Prize Drawing for 12m/12/p/12boy
(most CPY projects)
12 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns, winner's choice of yarns and colors!!!

hmmmmmmmm, wonder who won this one?!!
(total no-brainer here!)

brenda (owlsrook)

Grand Prize Drawing for 12m/12p/12boy
12 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns, Susan's choice of yarns and colors

i must congratulate all 17 finishers again! as i've said before, you are amazing! i tip my needles to you! so i wonder who won? was it aj? angiek? bevL? calophi? deb?, debi? jardin rouge? jill? jody? julieH? kadezmom? lois? lorraine? peacockmom? or yoyosocksister? i am so totally bad stretching the suspense out like this, huh? hee-hee!

and the paper says........







you know, susan would not leave the rest of the finishers empty-handed. she is sending you a surprise package of lab dip yarn and a set of crystal palace yarns bamboo needles. the needles are wonderful!

12 months/ 12 projects/12 balls of yarn winners may select from these needles:
  • 6" bamboo classics dpns (black package) in sizes 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, or 6
  • single point bamboo needles 9" or 12" in any size up to and including us size 11 (no half sizes)
  • any star bamboo needles shown here
congratulations to everyone! i will need mailing addresses and your choices (if applicable). the sooner i get everyone's information, the sooner the prizes will be mailed out! please email me, even if you think i have your address "on file." it's a lot of work for me to retrieve all this information.

now, on to 2011 prime time! we already have 7 finishers for january! wheeeeeeee!


jdhforjc said...

Yeah everybody!
I am so excited for you all!
I am glad other people won because I have won some pretties last year.

I am off to see what needles I can use. Such a blessing because I am so new at knitting!

debi's place said...

Congrats Brenda you really went all out for this. You totally deserve it all.

peacockmom said...

Happy knitting and congrats to all the winners. Thanks to Susan for the generous gifts and to our KAL enablers, Adrienne and Dr. Laura for their work all year so we can enjoy this group. xo T.

Brenda said...

Thank you, thank you to Susan, Laura, Adrienne, Debi.

It was a fun year of knitting, and such a spectacular prize. Now I have to decide on what yarns and colors to select...WOW - 12 balls of yarn...whoo hooo....

Congratulations to everyone who finished the KAL, this is such a great group of people, and so inspiring.

I am so I'm off to look at all the yarns to make my selections.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Brenda (Owlsrook)

maz said...

Congratulations to all winners!
Enjoy your woderful prizes!

This is so amazing, doing what we love to do and then being comforted with prizes donated by the ever so generous Susan dipping deep into her yarn again for us.

This time I am among the happy ones and want to thank you for it. Really feels good. Back again.

YoYo SockSister said...

Congratulations to the winners - I am so happy for all of you!

In fact, everyone that belongs to this group is a winner! The inspiration and eye candy we get to enjoy all year long - what a lucky and "carefree" bunch we are.

Thanks so much to Susan for the generous prizes - whew - you go over and beyond! Also, thanks to Adrienne and Dr. Laura - your humor and gentle nudges are greatly appreciated!

jaerrt said...

Wow! Thanks for hosting this KAL and all the wonderful goodies. It's so exciting to get knitting goodies in the mail!

Congrats to the big winners!


kadezmom said...

I am literally crying. Thank you!!!!

Congrats to everyone. Most of all, the recipients of all the knitting I finished due to deadlines are big winners as well (or so I think!)

jardinrouge said...

Major congratulations to Brenda and you are REALLY going to be knittin' up a storm!

And congratulations to everyone else! It is really inspiring to see the different projects from so many talented knitters.

And a huge 'Thank You!!' to Susan for your generous gifting, and to Adrienne and Dr Laura for hosting this delightful KAL!! Onward!!!

ikkinlala said...

I finally saw this and sent an e-mail - sorry about the delay. Congratulations, everyone, and thanks so much to the hosts!