Monday, January 10, 2011

First Post/First Project(s) progress

I started and finished a pair of childrens fingerless gloves using the free "220 Fingerless Mitts" pattern and the new knitpicks Chroma Worsted.
The remaining yarn made a matching hat and I have every last scrap reserved for a pom pom on top :)
I had a request for an adult pair in washable black so those are started in some trusty wool-ease and am hoping to get some new socks on the needles tonight!
Thanks for letting me join in! I am enjoying seeing everyone elses projects.


adrienne said...

good news! what fun colors! some little person has some happy hands!

ok, sweetie, the bad news, you need to post a progress picture of the projects and need to use a minimum of 300 yds to get credit for the month.

mostlymunchies said...

oh no worries - but so I get it right next time . . . . I was thinking that was my progress post as the hat was still being finished on top and that the total of all the projects would count tallied at the end? or each thing needs an UFO post? or does each thing need to be 300? hahah how can I make it so confusing ;)

adrienne said...

each part of your "set" needs a progress picture.