Monday, March 7, 2011

MAR KAL PROJECT - tvanwormer

BROWN CABLED VEST: NEW MARCH KAL PROJECT -- Since I decided that my original March KAL project was going to turn into an "ALL ABOUT ME KAL" project, I cast on for my Alternate KAL Project for March. It is with Lion Brand yarn(est: 5 skeins), 10.5 needles.

My husband and I went hiking yesterday, near Jerome, AZ. The 3.5 hour (each way) car trip there provided ample time to knit -- except for the begining when it was dark (5:30 am) and the end -- when it was also dark!! Since we live in a rural area, I do a lot of knitting when I ride in the car to town ( 70 miles each way) or at night. So most of my projects are geared toward what I can do while traveling/talking/watching tv. Enough about me.

Here we are hiking:

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