Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's all About Me again

In late February, I blogged about a shawl knit from the Panda Silk DK, thatI received as a 12/12/12 prize. I was turning it into a shawlette. There was not enough yarn to complete the pattern as written, so I left off one lace repeat and edged it with garter stitch. That worked very well.

Started Feb. 22 and finished Feb. 27
Knit on US#7 needles
Pattern: free from CPY Panda Silk DK Shawlette with Lace Pattern
Yardage: 240 yards
Closed with a china rose pin from my ancient history. That keeps it on my shoulders at work.

And again for me, a pair of mitts that I'm calling Odd Fellows. I had said that there was no repeat in the yarn colors. I was wrong! There is no usable repeat in this ball of Mini Mochi.

Yardage 190 yards used (one color leftover)
Started March 6 and finished March 8
Knit on US #2/2.75 mm needles
My own design, which needs some tweaking before publication.

Now I'm getting back to the socks I planned for my March project.


Laura said...

Mini mochi is NOT designed to have a repeat, so this is an unreasonable expectation
everyone knows that. we recommend getting two balls if 'matchy match' is an important design element.

THIS lack of repeats is an ESSENTIAL element of the yarn and has been known to everyone for over 2 yrs now.

Lorraine said...

I love the yarn, and now that the mitts are finished, they do resemble each other. I just was surprised at the variety of colors as I knit.

Laura said...

your mitts are just adorable - very stylish and lovely colors. i am eager to see your new design Lorraine, as it's got that "i wanna knit you" appeal. hope you will share with us
blessings @L

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

These turned out beautifully! I guess I'm a "mis-match" person (as my 5 yr old grandson would say) but I like the non-matching look. The shawl is gorgeous!

Susan at CPY