Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is my post for "It's All About ME! ME! ME!!!" I finished all of this some time last month, but I was waiting to see if I'd have time to use my last 150 or so yards of yarn. Sadly, I don't have time.

I started out with 6 skeins of Loops & Threads Charisma so that's about 650 yards, and I wager I used about 450-500 yards of it for my projects. I'm not sure exactly how much for each project, but I figure it's at least 300 yards for the knitting project alone. Probably closer to 350.

1. Chunky Cluster Cowl. I know it's hard to tell the difference between these two pictures. Basically the cowl was crocheted in a long strip and sewn together end to end. If you look at the project page you can see the direction of the clusters are sideways when on my neck instead of the way I crocheted them. =D

2. Nagellack. Modified this pattern a lot so be sure to poke at the project page. They were HUGE as written, and the mitten tops looked line anus so I left them off.

3. Garter Slipped Scarf. Used two colors instead of one. I think it worked out well. I got bored so instead of a full scarf I came up with what you see below. Project Page!

4. Thorpe. I like the style of this hat, but the yarn doesn't lend itself to warmth really. It's too airy. I may try to do a lining at some point to help with that. Project Page!

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Lost City Denise said...

Totally Awesome! I love the colors!