Friday, March 4, 2011

prime time blue bliss

Some more blues - this time a shawl for the AC at the college. Who knew moving to Saudi Arabia would result in a closet full of shawls and wraps? I wanted a triangle to cover my neck and shoulders but leave my hands free to wave around during lectures and computer demos. This yarn is worsted weight 65/35 wool and acrylic, has lots of drape and does not really block well. I knit "Nancy and Judy" on size 10.5 needles which led to a problem with the center of the shawl peaking due to elongation of the gauge I blocked it twice to try and control it but the yarn was having none of it. It doesn't affect the functionality of the shawl too much, pulls back off the shoulders a bit. If I was going to knit it again with worsted I would add an extra center increase every 5th row at least for the first third of the shawl to compensate. I also knit an entire extra repeat of the larger pattern at the end to extend it a some.

YarnArt Stripe Colors 120 yards x 6 (plus I ran out during bind off and had to nick a couple of yards from the 7th ball. I'm making a tea pot cosy out of the last two balls :)

cheers, kate

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