Tuesday, March 1, 2011

prime time february

Hi , here are is one more. It is a puppy sweater for my neighbor's furbaby. She is adorable and just a little bullet running around she is so cute. Unfortunately they are on vacation. Papa is an Oregon Ducks fan so I had to do green and yellow. I posted a progress pic earlier ( I am looking for a Ducks icon/badge to put on the back. But, since it is something specific that I want I can not find it! .And the progress picture of my final item to make February's amount! I also have three lip balm holders to add too. ( They are for the two receptionists and my surgeon and little gifts.) I do not have a needle large enough to weave in the ends. The yarn is huge and I am not sure how to do it. Any ideas would be cool.
I used Encore for the sweater and Lion Brand for the cowl. I picked pink because of me going through my cancer thing. Tomorrow I will know what treatment I will be doing too. I am so excited to just get going and being able to knit again! YEAH. Missed the whole me,me,me thing but got this done. It was way too much really. I like when I can just do a pretty pair of socks instead.

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aj said...

Hi, Jody,
If you have some lightweight wire around, just take a piece, bend it in half and twist the ends, leaving a loop in the middle. Instant needle, and you can smooth the ends with a nail file. Hope this helps. Very pretty things. aj