Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday KAL 4

2 projects to make up the required yardage since the footies were just shy of 200 yds.

The "Mostly Adrienne" footies are comprised of a cuff from a Claudia Tietze pattern called Sommerliche Sneaker Socken which I really love for the fit and design. It goes from 72 sts to 60 sts and is interesting to knit. I have changed the remainder using Adrienne Fong's Llama, Llama, Duck heel (EOP with garter stitch) which fits me perfectly. Then plain foot and a 6 pointed star toe Adrienne helped me find years ago and is the only one that has ever fit my skinny toes. I will most likely use these Adrienne elements for all my personal socks and just play with the above the ankle part for fun. Opens up a whole new world of knitting fun having socks that fit! :)

The guest towel is made from Cajun Cotton I brought with us 10 years ago. The pattern in Hourglass towel by Kat Mcab. I know I used over 200 yds, but have misplaced my notes. In any event, great pattern and this brings the yardage well over the minimum for a gift project. Gifts for for moi. :) I have made 4 of these towels and given away 3 of them. Nice to use and I will be making more of them. I brought 20 skeins with me. Glad I did since cotton is hard to get here.

The footies weigh 60 gms finished from a 130 gm skein so I have enough to make a second pair. 395 yds in the skein.

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