Wednesday, October 15, 2008

encouraging thanks

Thank you all for encouraging Katie in her ( I know life-long love for all things fiber.) She will hardly touch my acrylic stash that I just can not get rid of! And wants to check the Kal blog every day. We have created a yarn monster! Run Away! Little girl with pointy sticks!
We went to our LSY for knit night and she went straight for the CPY too!!! Plus, a fabulous bulky yarn for her first hat. Her birthday is on Nov. 6th and I am thinking she wants yarn! Whee for God blessing me with a crafty girl. I know it makes for more generosity in giving gifts and donations with hand-made love.
jdhforjc #18, 19


adrienne said...

she is a cutey! with good taste! you are raising her well!

debi's place said...

I agree Katie is cute. I raised a crafty gal. My "crafty" daughter only wears hand knitted socks (that I make).

jdhforjc said...

Smart girl your daughter, Can I be your daughter too?! Believe it or nto I have donated all of the socks I have made so far (except for the "class sock" for my son Nathan. I am also working on a pair of socks for Katie for her birthday on Nov 6. Then I will pick back up "the lost" and "frogged twice" Vikings in the bottom of my bag. They are getting very wet and the frogs are getting crowded in the pond.