Sunday, October 12, 2008

WoW!!! Thanks!

Thanks for the cool yarn PRIZE! I got 3 balls of Merino 5 in Red Cinnamon! Can't wait to get it! I don't have it yet, but when I do, I have a project for it that I can't wait to start: I want to knit these Genome socks. I found them on ravelry and the yarn is Merino5 Red Cinnamon!!! Gorgeous!!! This picture is a photo from ravelry from the projects list under Genome socks....... Aren't they beautiful??


Aunt Kathy said...

Look at you go Maria, I remember when socks were still a challenge for you. Has that really only been a year?

Maria said...

Hi Kathy!!!yes! I've frogged so much..... repetition has become my strong point!!!! But, socks, I am getting!!

drlaura said...

merino-5 is sooooooo luscious!