Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finished socks

Note the plural there -- it's a whole pair!

I started these on October 9th, and finished them last night.
Here's a picture of the top.
To recap, these are socks knitted out of two skeins of Bunny Patch (80% merino/20% angora), from Newhue Handspun Yarns, in the Oasis colorway. Each skein was 200 yards, so these are 400 yards total. They're knitted in a size eight, and they're going to Cheryl, who spun the yarn.

I also have a knitting tragedy to report. The neckwarmer that I finished earlier, which used to look like this:
and which fit over my head and around my neck in the best possible way, now looks like this.
Turns out, alpaca felts. (I would like to point out for the record that I know this; apparently another member of my household who shall remain unnamed wasn't paying attention when he snatched the towel it was blocking on off of the bed.) Alas. Do these yards still count?


debi's place said...

OH how sad. I feel for you. Was so pretty. Well the yards were already recorded so I would say yes.

adrienne said...

i would think that the yards should count double for husband-inflicted tragedies.

hey, ya want a glass of mojito? howsabout a whole pitcher?

ps. i do not really have a drinking problem.

debi's place said...

I have you down that you started making an item for your husband maybe rethink that one.

jdhforjc said...

Oh my, I am using your tragedy as an online lesson for my kids though. What a painful oops. I think you should get an increase in your yarn budget for that one!
Jody and Katie

kadezmom said...

I LOVE the socks. Again, what pattern? Beeeeautiful!!!

I am so sorry about the neck warmer. I laughed so hard (due to identification to situation issues, not at you, trust me) I asked my dh how dead he thought yours was for doing that and HE LEFT THE ROOM. I think you need to save the felted beauty and wrap it up and give it to him in a few years with a clever title...but then again, I never let sleeping dogs lie (which would be why dh left the room so quickly) He hasn't felted anything yet (that would have something to do with the date at which I started knitting with wool and the last time he ran a washing machine!) But during a move, he pitched out the 500 - 1000 yo-yo's I had sewn for a future quilt for our girls out of baby cloths, cotton crib sheets, etc. No good deed goes unpunished.

kadezmom said...

ya know, I've decided you need a booby prize for this. email me your addy to kadezmomATyahooDOTcom, and I'm gonna send ya something. I still feel horrible for ya. This would make ME feel better.

tapmouse said...

I think I would have just died! Or *someone* would have just about died! I'm so sad for you!