Thursday, October 16, 2008

A start and an end

My mail lady asked if I could make some fingerless mitts. She told me exactly how she wanted them. Lucky for me I had the wool in my stash. Another stash user. I love it. So here they are just started. They were the Fetching Pattern to begin but with changes. Lots longer. Very Red. Cascade 220. Started Tues Oct 14.

And there here are the final mitts. Very long. Took 200 yards. Hope she likes them. They are fun to wear while doing things. Had to try them on. Finished Oct 16 today. Leaving tomorrow I think. I am going to want a pair for myself now.


jdhforjc said...

very pretty. I started these too for my dd. she chose an pretty acrylic and they are cute too. Hope to have them done after I finish a pair of socks for her birthday.

adrienne said...

over-achiever! (blink, blink) grin

i am sorry to hear that you managed to block those bigger. i was hoping that those would end up being MINE!

and you made two of them. amazing!!!

debi's place said...

They fit from approx 2" below the elbow to the very tip of my fingers. The gal that these will go to has really long fingers. Ended up being 11" long. I hope she likes them.