Wednesday, December 31, 2008

don't forget about us!! 2009 KAL #1-UFO

Hi folks,
well i'm bad. jumping the gun here.
i want you to be ready new year's eve to start in on our 2009 UFO kal.

more details will be coming.
at present
1. we are planning to start 1/1/2009 at 12:01 am.

this will mean showing pic of start/progress for each item [perhaps with an estimate of what's not done] and of course the final pic

2. the UFO-KAL will run until the vernal equinox, which is 11:47 on March20/2009 [still checking if that's am or pm]

3. there will be mini-prize contests along the way.

4. bonus prizes for using Crystal Palace Yarn for >90-95% of item

5. maybe categories - like sweaters/socks/hats so we can assess fairly as it obviously takes more yarn for an adult sweater than a pr of socks

6. a charity prize - for the most and at least one runner up of items to be donated to non-family/friend.

7. a "chosen by members' votes" prize

................. i am VERY tempted to have a prize for early signups - all those who comment here and sign up for the UFO-KAL [i'll ask if i may give you debi's email] can be kept in list by Debi and entered in a "ready to roll" drawing

hope your holiday is going well. we have more of the white stuff coming down!
blessings, :L

8. ps what UFO contest would be complete without a prize for UFO - that is- a prize for knitting an alien, alien-space ship, something UFO-related, will be in a special category to win a special gift!!


kadezmom said...

Can I use that box of knit for charity yarn as an ufo? Just wondering!!!

I'm at my parents until after the first of the year...I'm sitting here trying to remember what ufos I've forced myself to forget!!!





(okay, I really do, but I LOVE to make fun of it!!!!!)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I will be playing along!

maz said...

count me in. just love this kind of thing.

Lorraine said...

I'm in! You can share/keep my name on the list. I have a Noro sweater that's been waiting for one of those "round tuits". It's been in hibernation during the holiday rush.

VeganCraftastic said...

I'm so in, I have all sorts of projects that I've neglected this year!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Merry Christmas!



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jdhforjc said...

Yeah, Katie and I are jumping in again!
Jody and Katie

Steph said...

Count me in! I have a ton of UFOs I can enter! *laughs*

Radka said...

Count me in too. I have a 'few' UFOs around.

sailorcross said...


Count me in!!!


Jane said...

I'm in. Either that or I have to start wearing mismatched socks, because I only have one of each.

adrienne said...

jane, who says socks have to match?!

adrienne, who has more one socks than she can count! and yes, i definitely can play this game.

Jane said...

You are right Adrienne - mismatched socks are way more fun.
So, is this KAL on this blog or will there be a new blog to sign up on?

Tangled said...

count me in also. please