Thursday, January 1, 2009

First FO of the year

I started these December 16. At year end, they were still missing one foot. They are for my DDIL with a January birthday. The pattern is my own and is for sale on Ravelry. It took two tries to get a pair of socks I could gift, because I ran out of yarn on the first ones , twice!

The cuff is knit sideways and the leg picked up and worked down from the cuff, with ribbing and then slip stitch colorwork. One name for the technique is Mosaic, using one color at a time and slipping the other. Each color is used for two rounds. The yarn is mainly Aussi Sock. The black is Kroy 4 ply. All yarn is form my stash.

See, I did finish both socks, and they're really the same size.


adrienne said...

are these for the ufo kal? if they are, please tell how much needed to be completed on the socks as of 12:01 am jan 1st, so you can get proper credit.

projects for 52 week challenge have to be new projects.

Radka said...

Ooooohhh pretty. I like your pattern and your color choices.

Lorraine said...

They were finished except for one foot on Jan 1, 2009

Tangled said...