Thursday, January 1, 2009

I have a few

I have a few UFO's. At the top a baby blanket that is one skein (I hope) from being done. They do not sell this color any more in my area. This has been a UFO for a few years. I finally found the color on line and ordered it so it can be finished. Now I hope I can remember what size needles I was using.

To it's right is a pair of socks I test knitted that the designer never finished the design. So I will finished these off. I started these early last spring. 35% done

To continue clockwise a Burgundy bag. This is a shopping bag. This I started in Nov. So it has not been on the needles that long. Less than 10% done.

Next blue socks that I am currently test knitting. These need to be done soon. About 5% done.

Then the 7th pair of socks for Ken, my DH. He is so in love with these. I found the yarn but many skeins in the same color so I am adding stripes or doing something different so they can be paired up. 50% complete.

In the middle is a pair of socks by some designer named "Adrienne Frog". I started these before the last KAL and never got back to them. 40 % complete.

So these are the ones I found that were close by. May have to dig to find more. But, then again I don't have a lot of UFO's.


adrienne said...

and you told me that you didn't have very many ufo's! that looks like a lot to me!!!!!!!!!!

"adrienne frog," huh?!!!

debi's place said...

Yeah, do you know her????

debi's place said...

Finish a pair of socks today. Will post a picture when I am home longer. But on ufo is a fo.... yippee.