Friday, January 2, 2009

UFO KAL - Cathy

OK, here are my UFO's. Not sure if I'll finish any of them, but I'm putting it out there to motivate me!

This first one should be easy enough to finish:
UFO: various cat toys for friends who have cats (some knit; some crochet)
yarn: various cottons, probably sugar 'n cream
95% complete - I just need to assemble them!
how old: these have been sitting around for months; they should have been Christmas gifts!

UFO: Tofutsies socks - using a pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks
yarn: Tofutsies
about 60% complete now; I'm a little further along than this picture
I just need to finish the 2nd sock!
how old: I started these 9/08 but keep getting distracted with other projects

Another sock UFO:
UFO: no-purl Monkey socks
yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet
50% complete - I need to knit the 2nd sock
how old: I started these in 3/08

And last, but not least:
UFO: scarf
yarn: Lion Brand Homespun - colorway: Corinthian
I'll say 5% complete - it's barely started; don't know how long I'll knit the scarf
how old: I started this with yarn leftover from a prayer shawl that I knit in 3/08, so I'm guessing it's from 3/08 or 4/08

I notice a pattern here... none of my UFO's are knit with CPY yarn; I think that's because when I'm knitting with CPY, I actually finish the project!! :-)

I did start a project with Panda Cotton on 1/1/09 that I am really enjoying which is making me think that these UFO's will continue to linger. I'm not sure if this will count for the UFO KAL, but I'll post anyway, and you can let me know:
non-UFO: SKA January mystery sock
yarn: Caribbean Blue Panda Cotton
new project started 1/1/09

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adrienne said...

new projects count too BUT we would like you to finish a FEW of your ufo's! =D