Friday, January 16, 2009

52 Weeks

Okay, my crochet hook has been busy this week. I was back onto making mop covers/shrugs/sweaters/whatever you want to call them and a dishcloth. I just finished tucking in the ends about 15 minutes ago. I'm thinking about figuring out how to make ones to cover the wet sprayer one. I love these because I can't stand buying the refills. I hate the easy/frugal debate. At least these make it easier on my mind. Next on the list are those lovely slippers both Jane and AK have made. Mine won't be in such lovely colors, but I'm using up stash!

Happy fibering!
(about 700 total yards used 600 crochet 100 knit)

1 comment:

drlaura said...

i used to crochet and had these disasters! so now only use for trim.
you make me want to do it again!