Thursday, January 15, 2009

YFM sock progress lucky stripes

I am using 2 balls of the 1776 to begin at the same point of the color changes and hoping the second sock will work out the same as this one. Pure luck that the color changes at the top of the heel flap and again at the heel turn. Months ago I had one ball printed poorly and that same ball wound backwards to the others, so my suggestion is to buy an extra ball just in case of that happening again. This yarn fades very fast unless washed in cold water unlike the others yarns I used. But as Americans in Oz, it makes us feel good to wear them on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and to air shows. :)

I do recommend the pattern (Gridiron by Anne Hanson) and used Adrienne's gusset stitch pick up method which is to pick up and knit from behind so that the twist helps cover the space. Also used the German twisted cast on for stretch. That makes the pattern an A+.

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kadezmom said...

that is really working up nice. I like it. A lot.