Thursday, February 19, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are my in progress pictures of two more items on the needles.
I have shown both the front and back photos of my "Sock of Hideousness" sock - Yes that is the name of the pattern, which I am knitting using Knit Picks Essential Multi in Blue Violet.

Also shown is the progress photo of a pair of wristers that I am doing in a Mock Cable pattern, using DGB Confetti Superwash yarn. There is no particular pattern for these wristers, just making it up as I go. I have one finished (the one in the photo)just haven't taken updated photo yet.

So on the needles at the moment I have three projects:

1. Wool Peddler's shawl (see earlier post)
2. Socks of Hideousness - (one finished, one to go)
3. Mock Cable Wristers - (one finished, one to go)

Hum...can I get all three done in 10 days. Only if I can resist casting on for yet something new.

Brenda in Alberta

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kadezmom said...

I love it.

That pattern is one of two in consideration for my new sock yarn