Sunday, February 15, 2009

YFM custom socks started a few days ago

Fred designed this color scheme for another pair of Gridiron socks (Anne Hanson) to go with the Lancair IV he built and will show at the Avalon air show near Melbourne in March. I have to finish them by March 9th so have felt fortunate that the white Patonyle arrived recently and that I have enough of the cranberry red color from the red socks to do the stripes. The blue is more the patonyle that I dyed for another pair of airplane socks. I'm adding the pic of the plane so you can see why the socks are the "custom socks". Being Americans in Oz, we chose YFM (Yankee and Fred's initials) for the call sign. When this pair is finished I am finished with airplane socks for quite a while and will truly feel "JOYFUL". :) The large size says 400 yds. This is a fast knit. It is a well written pattern and interesting enough while easy to keep it fun to knit.


kadezmom said...

Wow, don't those look nice!

jdhforjc said...

they are so pretty!