Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i am working on "pairs."

one "ufo" done
christmas socks for bil

and the stripes match too!

and my "pair" of jasmine fingerless mitts.

yes, i realize that there are three mitts, thank you.

jasmine fingerless mitts
mini mochi - neptune rainbow

matchy-matchy! yes!

please visit my blog for the full story behind my "three" mitts. good thing i love my mini-mochi. LOL!


peacockmom said...

Are you going to knit the missing mitt to match, too? Great start on another UFO gift, right? :)
Beautiful project which makes me want mini-mochi for a lot of patterns including this one.

I like the socks, too. Lucky BIL. Which pattern is it?

debi's place said...

Wow now I understand why you do not knit socks in pairs. It is because you have 3 arms and only 1 foot. Ok now it really makes since. Together they now total up to 4 items or 2 pair.

kadezmom said...


Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, these are just beautiful Adrienne. The color of the yarn is so vibrant, and the pattern you selected for it really shows off nicely. If they ever need a new home, they'd be welcome at mine!!!!

Brenda in Alberta (Owlsrook)