Tuesday, March 17, 2009

52 week kal progress March

Here is a progress pic that I can post now once my mystery KAL has started. What you see is the first clue. It will be the project that accomplishes my March challenge. As the last clue is presented on 1st of April, I will be able to show the whole pair of socks in time then. The first was made by end of February, the second is worked parallel to the KAL now.

Next weekend I will show the progress on the cardigan that should have been my February project ... and progress on another one. One of them will be for April. I hope.

You girls are really great. You keep me finishing a project from time to time, not only beginning them by the dozen.

Thank you all for establishing and sharing this blog KAL!


jdhforjc said...

I got your comment. But, to have a gorgeous pair of socks and two cardies beats my plain socks and noro scarf riots! I would be your molasses slow anyday. On the gusset of my first sock! eek.

maz said...

Hey, I am working on them since January and have spent an enormous amount of time on them, often two hours a day!
How would you even be able to manage a third of that time,your day fully scheduled with family and more to care for.
Mine is that of an old crow now and oh, do I enjoy that! There were 35 years for the family before it became my turn now.
Let us enjoy our fair share of knitting hours!

kadezmom said...

I love that pattern. I'll be anxious to see how they turn out.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

It starts to look beautiful! You also picked a nice colour for sure

maz said...

According to my family the sock is nice enough to let them want one for each of them. No go. It is for only one of them and will be an Easter surprise gift :-).
So far, the participants of my KAL are struggling through the pattern, but seem to like what they get. What a relief!