Monday, March 16, 2009

Katie's hat

Katie has worn her hat for 48 hours straight! She even wore it to bed and has plans for making one for her American Girl (target) doll! Her "next project" after that is a sweater for her doll and what the heck if mom has never made one! I won't stop her because maybe she will make one for me. I can only keep my mind on socks and that goofy Noro scarf that everyone wants. So. updated project- new scarf and progress on pair of socks for March. HOW DO YOU LADIES DO IT? Yes, I am new back do you ever stop knitting? Maybe we are in different stages in life experience. I have a three and eight year old. Or I am just slow!\


maz said...

It´s age-related insomnia and suffering from pain that makes for some more hours for knitting :-)
My children are 34,32,30, and live on their own for years now, but from time to time come back home on weekend visits.
30 years ago I only had time for what had to be done. Knitting was an issue because of allergies of the children. It was done by night.
Today it is for fun and for forgetting continuous pain.

Brenda said...

Sounds like my own story Maz. I have been an insomniac all my life, and now at this stage of age, it's pain that decides how long I sleep or even lay down. So, like you I get some extra knitting hours in when all is quiet about the house.

My twin daughters are 39 and my four grandkids are in their mid to late teens, so I haven't much to distract me from knitting now.

I taught my daughters to knit and crochet when they were about three, so that kept them occupied and gave me some knit time when they were small.

I also knit whenever I'm watching T.V.

I guess there's a plus size to aging...more knitting time.

mtannie said...

Jody, if you are slow, then I am molasses in January! I must say though, having this group has been a huge inspiration to knit and complete projects.