Saturday, March 21, 2009

handspun scarf edging completed

I found another 45 gms of Polwarth that I spun and dyed last year to add a crocheted edging. You can see how much yarn I had left in Georgia's hands (and why I call this 8 year old beauty "Peach"). The original scarf used 60 gms (300 yds) and the additional 45 gms for the edging added another 225 yds for this scarf = 525 yds for the entire project. I braided the tiny amount left from the last crochet stitch to make the tie.


jdhforjc said...

Oh she is. Katie would love a shawl like that is there a pattern for it?

peacockmom said...

Glad you like it. Reclamation scarf pattern by Stefanie Japel. I added a crocheted edging to soften it a bit. I searched and found "Mom's Crocheted Shell Edging" and will send you the site when I find it again if you want it. I can barely crochet, so I'd think you would do a better job, but even if you aren't any better at it than I am, this is certainly an easy one to do. I braided the "ties" and left loops I cut for tassles.
I'm delighted you think Katie would like one, too. She's a "Peach", too. I think she and Georgia would enjoy knowing one another.

peacockmom said...

I just googled the edging and found it. Just type in Mom's Crocheted Shell Edging and it will pop up. :)

The pattern picture doesn't look like the edging is ruffled, but it is. I didn't change a thing other than to add the ties using up the rest of my yarn so this small shawl/scarf would stay on more easily.