Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ufo's completed.

I finally finished the baby blanket that I had started many years ago. The yarn is no long available around here. I did order some on line to finish it. It was approx 50% done. This blanket will go home with my Daughter to donate to "Project Linus". Jess is helping a group with blankets for that cause.
Don't think I posted a start picture of this. It was started last year. It was about 25% completed. The handles are recycled from a garage sale purse. No pattern was followed.
This one I had posted with the others. It looked like a dishcloth when posted. I did not follow a pattern just winged it along. So I guess dishcloth to market bag would be 10% dishcloth 90% bag.

I do love the ufo kal. I for one got many items off needles.

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kadezmom said...

Whoooo hoooooo!!!

Don't you feel like you have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders?