Monday, March 16, 2009

Clearing up the Needles and stuff

Miss Cook's quilt that I finished up for her. I know not a knitting projects but come on how cute is this. These are the hand prints of last years class.

OH the animal farm. Seems this are wanted by many so decided to knit up a litter (?) of them. The ones with the blue cuffs are the only ones completed. Love needle felting, I just wish I could do the faces I really want. But, oh well I love them.
Blue socks from the sock of the month club. This kit came when I was test knitting for Knit one Purl too. The yarn in this kit and the test knit were the same so these got put away. Glad to finally have them done. I am trying to keep up with the kits this year and to get all the old kits done. We shall see on this.
Another sock of the month kit. Both pair of socks are from Wooliedi.

Sock Madness starts this Thursday so I am trying to clear things off the needles to be ready.


adrienne said...

ummm, did i miss your progress pictures some place?

debi's place said...

The progress picture has both red and blue socks together.

mtannie said...

The slippers are adorable!
Thank you for sharing the quilt, I loved your quote. One of our 5th grade teachers has her class draw pics on quilt squares each year, then the mothers sew and quilt them; when that class graduates from high school, one of their names is drawn and he/she gets to keep the quilt. Until then, the quilt hangs on the ceiling of the class room. Very cool.

Brenda said...

Love those red socks, they look so soft.

The slippers are to cute, no wonder they are popular with everyone.

kadezmom said...

all I can say is W-O-W, you've been busy

maz said...

You have four hands, don´t you?
The slippers are adorable.
I would like to buy an instruction sheet for them.

adrienne said...

hi maz

don't hold your breath. debi is as good at writing up patterns as i am at knitting mates to socks. LOL!