Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 pair of socks started

The Green Goddess pattern by Nancy Whitman fascinates me the way it spirals and makes such an interesting design. Clearly written and a joy to knit. This is Patonyle cream yarn that I dyed in the crock pot with Wilton's teal frosting dye and a splash here and there of some bottled grocery store blue food coloring for a bit of variety since I have so much of this yarn dyed in the teal.
If you want her patterns or some of her yarns, you can contact her on ravelry while her website is broken.
I hope to finish this pair in April, as well as another pair in more of this yarn I've started at the same time, Pothos by Lorri Romesberg. I saw it when Debi posted it and joined the Six Sox KAL for the pattern. I really like the leaves in this pattern and the way they stand out in the reverse stockinette.


debi's place said...

Very nice. Yours are looking great.

kadezmom said...

TheGreen Goddess is a pleasure to view as well. I love the color of that yarn too. You did a fantastic job dyeing it.

peacockmom said...

Thanks for the compliments. Good thing I like this color since I have lots more. :)