Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok Starting an April project... BUT

I bought the yarn and the new needles. I INTEND on knitting two socks at once on one needle.

So far this is what I've accomplished...



debi's place said...

Just bring it on over here, I can help you out. Looks to me like the cast on is off. I cast on 1/2 stitches from sock A, the 1/2 stitches from sock B, move the loop around the cast on last half from B, then finish with A.

If that makes any since.

adrienne said...

that's exactly why i don't do 2on1! LOL!!!! =)

i'd rather knit two at one time on two different magic loops. can't deal with yarn tangle...

and no comments from debi about how i barely finish 1-on-ml; let alone 2 x 1 on ml. don't go there!!!!!! =O

Brenda said...

I think everyone does the cast on in a different way. There are many free tutorials on the web, but some confuse me too. I think you just got some good info under your post comments section. Sometimes, it is good to just practice the cast on with less stitches, until your mind grasps the process. Sort of like learning how to Kitchener stitch, drives you insane to start with, then Eureka, it all comes together and makes sense.

Here's a laugh for you all on how I learned by myself.

I learned my own way initially, (which is not the way most folks do this) however "want is the mother of invention".

I cast on all the stitches for Sock B, then pulled the cable out into a loop at the 1/2 way point in the stitches.

I moved sock B down to the end which now had 1/2 of the stitches on the back needle and half on the front. Working yarn at the back.

So now both needle ends are pointing to the right.

Now I cheated, and took two double pointed needles, and cast on all of the stitches for Sock A onto one of the dpns, then moved 1/2 the stitches onto the other double pointed needle.

This now had 1/2 the stitches on each dpn. Sort of like the set up for doing Kitchener. Working yarn on the back needle.

Then I took the back needle end of my Circular and slipped the stitches from the back needle of my dpn onto it.

Then took the front needle of the circular and slipped the remaining stitches from the remaining dpn onto it.

Voila!! Sock B now at left end of Circular and Sock A on the front end of the Circular. Working Yarn for both at the back circular needle.

It worked!! I was amazed with myself. Of course I did learn to knit as a kid using long Nails and some string, so trying to figure things out was part of the fun.

Good Luck.