Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sock Madness 2

I present my Tokena Socks.

Not the prettiest picture but, taken at 3:30 am what can one expect. I finish these yesterday/this morning whatever one calls that time of day when you have not been to bed. The socks have to have a photo on an adult pair of feet for an entry that is the reason for the pose. First time doing Fair Isle. Not sure I want to try again in the near future.
I had forgotten I needed a progress picture. So here it is.


Brenda said...

Debi, if this is your first Fairisle attempt you did a great job, you should be proud of yourself. They look really pretty.

debi's place said...

Oh Thanks. It really is my first attempt. Coming from you that means a lot. Thanks. I want to make another pair maybe using some scrap yarns.

grandma07 said...

Great job and soooo fast! I am also in the Sock Madness frenzy, but thankfully in a slower group :)

peacockmom said...

Beautiful socks, Debi. I am LOL at the thought of doing fair isle and all that extra attention needed with another ball of yarn. I am proud when I can knit a sock with just one yarn! You must be thrilled with the results. A+ from this former school teacher. :)