Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mini Mochi socks

There is a little story behind this pair of socks. I purchased the Mini Mochi as a birthday gift for myself. Two balls... and in The Netherlands the Mini Mochi was totally sold out. Ugh! Little Knits had them available, so I was happy.

My plan was though to make a set of wristwarmers for me. I did cast on the regular 48 st that I needed for my hand... but in the end it turned out too small. But I did like the little pattern that was in it and turned them into socks for Wietse. I was pleasantly surprised by the flow of colours though... but in the second sock it was interrupted (2 knots). The effect though is fun to see and Wietse loves his new and comfortably warm socks! 2/3 of one ball is used to create this pair.


jdhforjc said...

that is one lucky child!

kadezmom said...

What a great win for Wieste!

peacockmom said...

Wonderful socks. I bet Wietse just loves them. He certainly is a lucky little boy to be yours!